Coaching can help anyone who feels stuck or is facing a challenge in life, work, or their relationships. Pia has helped hundreds of individuals, families, couples and children overcome the obstacles that keep them from living more fulfilled lives and realizing their full potential.
ADHD Children and Adults

Family dynamics – the pattern of relating or interacting and the ability to get along in a family – can be upset when learning or mental disorders are present. Resources are still scarce, and often expensive, in the UAE. Parents feel stressed, anxious and uncertain of how to cope and raise children in a fast changing environment.

Pia helps individuals and families with issues that prevent harmony and living on purpose. Sometimes stigma and shame stops a person or parents from seeking help, and Pia creates a safe space where everything can be shared confidentially. The resources are already within the family, and each individual to change; they just need to be uncovered and brought forth.

Coaching can help a variety of challenges: Relationship issues – how to communicate better, how to set healthy boundaries and how to respect each other. Self-esteem and confidence issues – how to overcome fear and the worry of what others think about us.

Individuals with ADD/ADHD (both children and adults) typically struggle with focus, concentration, staying on task, procrastination and tackling simple life projects. Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) should be called Attention Deficit Gift because these individuals truly are gifted, creative and intelligent beings whose brains are just wired a little different and therefore are judged as not fitting into our structured society. Pia has a special passion around helping these individuals because of her personal journey with raising her sons who have ADD/ADHD.

Individuals and Families

People often know they desire a change, but they lack the ability to get clarity and take action. I offer a safe environment where dreams and goals can be explored through various perspectives, so you can choose the option that best fits your desired life or career.

This is done through examining your personal core values and beliefs and through a series of ‘deep diving’ into the challenges and patterns that keep you locked in an undesired place. Together, we look at the adjustments and actions needed to move you from feeling ‘stuck’ to feeling ‘empowered & free’.

Some of the tools and methods I incorporate include Dynamic Emotional Integration® to help with feelings of e.g. anxiety, anger, shame and low self-esteem. Equine Facilitated Learning (or horse assisted coaching) can also often help you realize where your self-limiting beliefs lie.

Your Child Is Not Broken Ebook
Your child is NOT broken!
– managing ADHD symptoms through the way of the horse.
Life with a child with ADD/ADHD can be frustrating and overwhelming, but as a parent there is a lot you can do to help manage and reduce the symptoms.
Horses are willing to interact with humans and can come to trust and respect those with whom they interact.
They offer immediate, accurate, unbiased feedback when you engage them, so make perfect teachers to children with ADHD.