Meet Pia & Lola
Pia is an ICF Certified Co-Active Coach (CPCC, PCC), and Equine Alchemy™ Certified Equine Assisted Coach.

Her specialty is coaching individuals who are stuck, looking for a change and seeking fulfillment in their personal and professional life. Raising two sons with ADD/ADHD and being married to a husband with adult ADD for 35 years, has Pia passionate about helping families impacted by their child’s ADD/ADHD.

Pia’s equine coaching partner includes Lola, a 22-year old Arabian mare who is magnificent at holding the sacred space for the clients, and using her wisdom to heal & guide people to live their life with purpose. After working more than 25 years in multinational corporations across USA, Europe, Middle East and Africa, Pia left a corporate career to follow her passion of helping others get more out of life. She is a licensed trainer in Dynamic Emotional Integration® and empathic work, helping individuals understand what information their emotions hold for them. Pia also works with leaders and teams, guiding them to lead through uncertainty. This extensive knowledge and experience is backed a Master’s degree in Social Psychology and a Master’s degree in International Business.

It is my belief that you already have creative resources within you to make the changes you desire, and that you just need a little nudge to discover how to live with purpose.

I will empower you to realize

  • what your true essence is
  • exactly what it is you want
  • what balance means for you
  • how to connect to your core personal values
  • your limiting beliefs and obstacles that keep you from the life you desire
  • how to let go of things that are holding you back
  • how to make confident choices
  • how to take action and create the fulfillment you desire
  • that you are enough
Your Child Is Not Broken Ebook

Your child is NOT broken!

– managing ADHD symptoms through the way of the horse.
Life with a child with ADD/ADHD can be frustrating and overwhelming, but as a parent there is a lot you can do to help manage and reduce the symptoms.
Horses are willing to interact with humans and can come to trust and respect those with whom they interact.

They offer immediate, accurate, unbiased feedback when you engage them, so make perfect teachers to children with ADHD.